We provide our client with a comprehensive detailed assessment of the condition the home at the time of the inspection. We follow the current Scope of Inspection and strict Code of Ethics of the home Inspectors Association BC (HIABC), the most recognized and professional association of home inspectors in the province.

We cover visual assessment of the following components:

Exterior: walls; siding; windows; doors; the roof; site conditions

Interior: attic and roof structure; walls; ceilings; floors; kitchen; bathrooms; laundry; basement or crawlspace and foundation.

Electrical: lighting; outlets and switches; electrical panel

Plumbing: condition of the supply and drainage piping; the hot water tank or hot water supply.

Heating: condition and types of heating and/or cooling systems

The inspection report will include the condition, implications and recommendations of all deficiencies of the home, but also include recommendations for any deficiencies that may be noted during the inspection.